April 2019 Product Updates

April 2019 Product Update

If you look back at last month’s update, you’ll note that March was largely a time for code maintenance. We weren’t ready to share it yet, but lots of new and/or improved functionality was on the horizon. So with April in the rear view mirror, we have one important sentiment to share with you….

I love it when a plan comes together.

Vendor Management Overhaul

We rebuilt our Vendor Management module. If you’ll forgive more old TV references, we did a 6-Million Dollar Man upgrade — “better, stronger, faster.” Several months ago, we realized that it was going to be very challenging to achieve high performance at scale with the data model that we had for vendor management. Simply put, the cost of allowing complete customization of attributes was going to be speed.

After significant internal discussion, we ultimately decided a complete re-write of the module made more sense than a band-aid solution. We’ve been working on this code for months and we’re delighted to release it. The user interface is a bit easier to use, but the major changes are under the surface where there is no longer a speed penalty for customization. The module is incredibly fast and we have, in fact, rolled out additional options for customization.

Vendor Drilldown Page

New Module: Compliance!

The above might be the first time in recorded history that an exclamation point followed the word “compliance.” But we’re excited, so give us a break! 🙂 The compliance module dramatically simplifies the process of issuing IT Security Questionnaires and Due Diligence Questionnaires (DDQs).

Set up a compliance questionnaireCompliance Detailed Scoring

More Support for Attachments

Attachments have been part of Vendorful since the earliest iterations of the product. In listening to customer feedback, however, we’ve found that there were places in the application that could really benefit from attachments. As a result, we’ve added support for attachments in two new places. First, we’ve given our users the ability to not just add general attachments to RFX, but to specific RFX questions:

Add an Attachment to a Question

On the other side, vendors will see that attachment connected to the question:

View Attachment on Question

We also added support for attachments in the Vendorful mail system.

Vendorful Email Attachments

Response Exporting

For a bunch of people who decided to use Vendorful in large part because they were tired of using spreadsheets, Excel remains surprisingly popular. Per the requests of our customers, we’ve added the ability to export RFX responses. And we kicked it up a notch by allowing buyers to specify which sections and subsections they want to export as well.

Export supplier responses

Walkthroughs for Vendors

While we’ve tried making the user experience and interface super easy for everyone, especially vendors, we know that people can use a little extra support sometimes. For that reason, we’ve added walkthroughs so that vendors can quickly watch and learn how to use the product via a guided tour.

RFX Response Guided Tour

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