April 2021 Release Notes

April 2021 Product Updates

April saw a lot of progress on the application. The very first module we developed was our Sourcing module, which allows people to run eRFX. We’ve continued to iterate on it, but spent much of the last month making significant architectural changes, initially focused around the supplier response experience. This primarily entails refactoring our application to use Phoenix Live Views. (You can learn more about Live Views, but it’s pretty nerdy stuff. Suffice to say that the user experience will be way faster.)

In keeping with our desire to deliver ongoing improvements that can experienced by our users, we’ve continued to focus on Vendor Management. Here are some select new features and enhancements that we made in April.

Bulk Emailing Capabilities

Our users repeatedly tell us that having previously siloed supplier information in one place has been a game changer. There’s no more digging through multiple systems, emailing colleagues to fill gaps, etc. You can simply drill down and see everything you need to see.

As our customer usage began to scale, however, we noticed that there were some missing pieces in our system. While we made the “manage a vendor” experience much better, we weren’t doing enough to help our users “manage all vendors.” Over the coming months, we expect to release more features to support this. In April, we rolled out mass emailing right from the app. Here are some of the key features:

  • Two types of email
    • General email with customizable message
    • Request to update vendor information that has a customizable message and also automatically generates a link for the vendor to follow to complete the action
  • Support for attachments
  • Integrates with bulk email systems like Mailgun so emails can be send en masse using the user’s email address rather than an @vendorful.com email address. This helps both deliverability and also handles “out of office” messages and the like.
  • Works with filtering so vendors can be selected on any criteria that is tracked.

Mass Email Vendors

Once you’ve selected the vendors, all you need to do it add your message. Vendorful will automatically send the email to the appropriately designated contacts.

Vendor Bulk Email Form

Spend Capture and Display Enhancements

Vendorful isn’t a standalone spend analysis tools. In the interest of bringing to together as much information as we can, however, spend capture and analysis is an important piece of the puzzle. There were a few changes we made to this feature in April.

  • Support for multiple currencies.
  • Detailed transaction breakdowns with support for legal entities.

In the screenshot below, you can see the new layout to view rolled-up spend as well as per-transaction entries for any legal entity. (Note: vendor name and legal entity names have been blurred for privacy.)

Spend Transactions by Entity

More Vendor Document Storage

Try as we might, we can’t get away from documents. Frankly, we can’t imagine a future where unstructured data isn’t a critical part of a business. While we have support for files throughout Vendorful, we added a specific Documents tab to the vendor record. This allows our users to take ad hoc documents and store them with other relevant data about the vendor.

Want to check out these new features in action? Sign up for a Vendorful demo.

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