September 3

August 2018 Product Update

How do your stakeholders feel about your vendors? Thoughts? We prefer data to conjecture, which is why we're excited to announce that we've released version 1 of our Vendor/Supplier Scorecarding module. While these product update blog entries are often spread across a variety of features, this one will focus on some of the enhancements we made to existing components that were necessary for this feature to be released.

Form Sections

It's important that we allow our customers the ability to create scorecarding surveys that conform to their best practices. To support this, we've introduced the idea of sections so that a broad survey can be logically (and visually) separated. Note the section break element in the screenshot below.

Form Builder with Sections

Question Assignment in Forms

It follows logically that expansive surveys might have questions that don't make sense for everyone to answer. Particular stakeholders might not be equipped to opine on certain things. To address this, we've added the ability to assign questions to the relevant stakeholders only.

Assign Questions to Specified Users

Putting It All Together

With the aforementioned enhancements and some completely new UI elements and workflows, we have a full-blown Scorecarding Module, which integrates seamlessly into Supplier/Vendor Management. You can track in-progress evaluations

In-Progress Scorecards

and drill down and see which stakeholders are have completed the survey and which are dragging their feet.

Scorecarding Progress Drilldown

Stakeholders can see their evaluation task list.

Scorecard Task List

and click their way through to complete the survey.

Scorecard Survey Form

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