August 2017 Product Updates

Introducing Vendorful product updates launched August 2017:

Overhaul of Request Setup UI

While we’re fans of predictable workflows, we thought ours had grown too rigid and the steps too bulky. To improve this, we’ve broken down the sourcing process into smaller discrete steps, which makes the process of setting up a request in Vendorful even easier and more flexible than before. Users can now complete the steps in any order they like.

RFP Setup User Interface

Save an In-Process Sourcing Event as a Template

RFX templates have been a part of Vendorful since the initial release of the product. We’ve made it even easier to save templates by allowing users to save an in-progress questionnaire as a template. This makes it incredibly fast and easy to run repetitive sourcing events. Plus, you can spread the love and opt to make your templates “public,” which makes them available to the other buyers in the system.

Save a Sourcing Event as a Template

Pricing Tables

Give us your poor, tired rows and your aching columns. Users can now add a pricing table as a discrete component of an RFX and then apply a weight to this as part of the scoring. The pricing table allows buyers to specify a list of separate line items on which they want individual unit pricing from vendors.

Pricing Table

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