CDN Cheat Sheet

CDN Cheat Sheet

Get the Most out of Your Content Delivery Network

Want to know the best way to leverage the features of your Content Delivery Network (CDN)? This Content Delivery Network (CDN) Cheat Sheet gives you clear tips about how to improve your business by using CDNs, the technology that powers half of all global content delivery. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in your Cheat Sheet:

  • Page rank: Google considers page load performance when determining where sites rank in search results.
  • Get global: Points of Presence around the globe optimize performance and uptime.
  • More than just speed: CDN platforms can target content to users based on their geography, device and/or other factors.

If you’re new to content delivery systems, this cheat sheet can serve as a jumping-off point as you acquire knowledge about the space. Complete the form to receive your CDN Cheat Sheet now!

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