December 2020 Release Notes

December 2020 Product Updates

As a software offering, the “surface area” of Vendorful has grown considerably since we started. What was initially an eRFX point solution is now a broad Strategic Sourcing platform. There are many more modules and each of those modules has many more features. This is the natural consequence of iteration.

Since we’re working on a much larger application these days, there tends to be fewer thematic narratives around development work, but the past month saw several enhancements made to reporting. And because we get to cherry pick the releases, we’ll focus on some of those. (Since we don’t want to set an expectation that there will consistent themes, we’ll throw in one other feature that is completely unrelated!)

Improved Reporting Page for Supplier Scorecards

Vendorful allows for lots of customizations. Internal surveys for reviewing suppliers are just one of the many things that can be configured to our users’ liking. In fact, there can be different surveys for different categories of suppliers, different versions of surveys, etc. All of this flexibility is great, but not if it ratchets up complexity.

We noticed that it took too many clicks to get actionable information on the Supplier Scorecard page. So we went back to the drawing board and figured out how we can offer users the same level of configurability while simultaneously simplifying things. After several attempts, we are happy to declare, “Mission Accomplished.”

The application now picks up where you left in terms of template selection. And the remaining options are filtered (behind the scenes) accordingly. So all you need to do is pick your suppliers and the relevant date range and boom! You have a visualization. You can then refine by changing chart types, roll-up periods, additional filtering by category. (This is pretty neat; imagine you have Supplier A and Supplier B who both supply widgets to you, but also supply other distinct things with no overlap. You can now look at their aggregate results or just compare how they do on widgets.)

Scorecard UI

This scorecard data can be also be exported to PDF. Please note, the above screenshot preceded the PDF export capability by a week. If you were to log in now, you’d see the Export button. And example of the PDF is below.

Supplier Scorecard PDF

Configurable Reporting Dashboard

Vendorful users are sitting on a trove of data beyond supplier scorecards. With the new dashboard that we’ve developed, our users can determine the type of data they want for a report and the associated visualization. 

Configure a Report

Once added to the dashboard, the report can be resized and moved to a particular area via drag and drop. When users revisit their dashboard, all of the graphs and charts that they had previously configured will be there.

Reporting Dashboard

Bulk Invitations to Vendors

Our users tell us that much of the value they get from Vendorful as it relates to vendor/supplier management is the ability to see all the data in one place. Compliance info, spend, performance, contracts…. And while relationships are largely managed on a one-to-one basis, there are times when doing things in bulk would come in really handy.

Last month, we built out the infrastructure for doing bulk management of vendors and released the first bulk feature: “Invite vendors to update attributes.” Attribute data that expires, like a Certificate of Insurance, will automatically prompt the vendor to update it. But this bulk capability allows mass, proactive solicitation of data. So if your organization decides that it needs, for example, new W-9s from every supplier, you can now request this with the click of a button.

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