December 2017 Product Update

Introducing Vendorful product updates released in December 2017:

Inbox Enhancements

Last month Vendorful’s inbox saw another round of enhancements to bring users some the best aspects of email without replicating the worst! The new features integrate tightly with sourcing events to provide a vastly improved experience over actual email in the context of an RFX. Check out the highlighted enhancements below: 

Search InboxBroadcast message

Dashboard Upgrades

Vendorful’s sourcing dashboard now features new dashboard widgets and customizable layouts which users can customize to see only the information most relevant to them on their home screen. Check out the widgets and customizable layouts below:

Dashboard WidgetsCustomizable layout

Vendor Registration Enhancements

In addition to UI improvements, vendor registration now supports arbitrary file types as an attribute. See how to add the new field below:

Vendor Registration

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