July 2018 Product Updates

July 2018 Product Update

For Americans, July brings with it barbecues, trips to the beach, and more coding. Oh wait, that last part might be more true for us than others. Here are some of the improvements we made to Vendorful in July.

Dragging and Dropping

There are several places in Vendorful where we’ve added drag-and-drop capabilities. Most notably, this can be found in the questionnaire builder, where questions can now be moved around via mouse inside a subsection. But we also included it right from the start in our form builder. Why do we need a form builder, you might ask? We see lots of reasons and in the coming months, we’ll start sharing them with. But since we don’t want to make things too suspenseful, here’s the form builder.

Drag and Drop Form Builder


While Vendorful has always had “per-sourcing event” permissions, we’ve added permissions at the organization level. Now, you can determine which people in your organization can/can’t start RFP processes, see all RFX, and even which users can/can’t manage the permissions of other users.

Change RFX Timelines

It happens with surprising frequency. Something comes up with your RFP that results in your wanting to push our a deadline or add a new date. Now you can do that on your own, without asking our support team for help. Simply click the new “Edit” button and you’ll be able to change and of the dates currently set with your strategic sourcing event as well as add new ones.

Change RFX Schedule

Reporting for Duty

Vendorful has lots of filterable, sortable tables. How about some pretty graphs and charts? Users can now dynamically generate charts for contracts and strategic sourcing events.

Ad Hoc Reporting

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