July 2017 Product Updates

Chat Box Improvements

Vendorful has always had real-time chat allowing customers to communicate quickly during the RFP process. This July we rolled out usability improvements to the chat box, including the ability put to move it within the Vendorful app as well as pin it to a specific area.

Contract Manager Enhancements

Organizations can now capture specific structured metadata for contracts. Want to know what percentage of your contracts were awarded after an RFP? You can track it. Need to get a handle on how many contracts have been awarded to diversity suppliers? Now, you’ll know.

Video Embedding Supported in Sourcing Events

In an RFP, you’re trying to parse through a wealth of information. In keeping with this theme, Vendorful now supports integrated rich <see what we did there?> media. Buyers can now share images and videos with potential suppliers as part of a sourcing event, and suppliers can include images and videos in their responses. And while it’s possible that some respondents will attempt to curry favor with a cat video or two, the addition of video to an RFP response can be transformational.

Video in your RFP

Searchable Product Categories

Vendorful has existing content and templates across a wide range of product categories and sub-categories—so many that it can sometimes be difficult to browse through them. Years ago, Bono sang, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.” With this new search functionality, we expect you’ll have less in common with Bono than you once did.

RFP Product Categories

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