June 2018 Product Updates

June 2018 Product Update

School’s out for summer? Says who? We’re still cranking away on Vendorful. Here are some of the sunny highlights from June.

Advanced Filtering for RFX

It’s on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t remember the name…. But the details, you kind of remember. We can empathize and user empathy is a great way to build new product features. With advanced filtering, you can find old, new, and in-progress sourcing events even if you can only recall a bit of information. A particular question you asked still rattling around your brain? You can find the associated RFX. A vendor that you invited called you again? Just type and let the filtering magic happen.

Advanced Filtering for RFX

But wait, there’s more! The above interface only lasted a couple weeks in that form. The bottom part of the UI, the table, was updated with a more robust one. Now, you can show/hide columns as you see fit, add conditional filtering at the column level, and even re-order the columns in the table. Below, we have a preview of in-column conditional filtering.

Filtering in Columns!

More File Manager Enhancements

We souped up the File Manager with a few new features including

  • an updated UI
  • support for nest folders
  • drag-and-drop capability
  • global search

File Management with Drag and Drop

Sertifi E-Signature Integration

From inception, Vendorful was built on a foundation of APIs in large part to facilitate integration with 3rd-party systems. Last month, we completed an integration with Sertifi. Now, users of the Contracts Module can upload their agreements and kick off Sertifi’s e-signing process with a click of the mouse.

Sertifi e-signature integration

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