June 2019 Product Updates

June 2019 Product Update

We hope you had a good solstice and enjoyed the longest day of the year…if you are north of the equator. Indeed, summer has arrived and while school may have let out, Vendorful’s open vacation policy means that people can pick and choose when to take time off. And our team was at full strength for most of June. Consequently, it was another very productive month.

More Contracts Improvements

In our last update, we talked about the changes that we were making to the Contracts module. We’ve continued to iterate on it and make additional improvements. Rather than overwhelm you with screenshots, we’ll underwhelm you with bullet points.

  • Custom views of the contracts list page. Each user’s view gets saved as his or her default.
  • Custom fields are now “orderable,” making it easier to find relevant information as well as group logically-connected data elements.
  • Contracts can be filtered by category if you’ve set up a taxonomy in our category management setting.
  • A few small splashes of color and a bit more information have been added to the contracts list page.
  • Contracts now have states: Pending, Active, Expired, and Archived.

Ready for a couple of screenshots? First, we’ll take a look at the updated listing page.

Contract List Page

And now an example of how we indicate what state the contract is in. Here’s one that’s pending signature.

Contract in a pending state

And one that’s expired….

Contract in an expired state

Better Tasks

A key benefit of collaboration is the ability to divide work among two or more people. For this reason, we’ve made tasks more comprehensive and have incorporated them into the Contracts module. Need someone to review a contract before it’s signed? Assign a task. How about a quick one-over before a renewal? Assign a task.

Assign a task to a colleague

Once a task has been assigned — to or by you — it can be watched and updated.

Incomplete Tasks

Uh-oh! Looks like one of your tasks is overdue.

Vendor Attribute Configuration

Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to take many steps forward. Such was the case for how vendor/supplier data in organized in the Vendor Management module. We had a user interface for it, removed it, and replaced it with a UI that is both easier and more powerful. We call each piece of data that you want to collect from your vendors an attribute. Those attributes can be organized into groups. And those groups can be organized into templates. This creates incredible flexibility to manager supplier data any way you’d like.

Below, you’ll see that a template is composed of one or more groups.

Edit a Vendor Template

And those groups, themselves, can be created and edited.

Vendor Attrivute Groups

But wait, there’s more….

In addition to fixing some small bugs, we added a Scorecarding portlet that can be displayed on a user’s dashboard. And while it’s appreciably less sexy, a more significant change where loads of performance improvements under the hood. The Vendorful application is faster and more responsive than it has ever been.

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