June 2017 Product Updates

Introducing Vendorful product updates launched June 2017:

Contract Manager Overhaul 

This update allows customers to track, search, and manage their supplier contracts in a single location, closing the loop on supplier sourcing and turning supplier selection into a complete end-to-end process.

Updated Contract Page

Dashboard Design Update

It’s not “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights,” but it is a big improvement. When users log into Vendorful, they will see a new dashboard, which provides an improved summary of all critical information about organization-level purchasing events and individual tasks at a glance.

Vendorful Dashboard Update

Single Sign On 

Enterprise clients who require single sign-on now have access to this feature. IT departments, commence rejoicing!

Revised Navigation 

By moving the navigation for sourcing events to the left side of the screen (from the top), we made it easier for users to find the information they need, making the sourcing process even more intuitive than it was.

RFP Navigation

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