Automate, aggregate, and evaluate

E-Sourcing: put the strategic back in your sourcing events.

Long email threads and all-nighters spent copying and pasting data into a spreadsheet are the hallmarks of RFX. Free yourself from busy work; Vendorful’s e-Sourcing suite streamlines your bid solicitation, evaluation, and everything in between.

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eRFX made easy

Vendorful offers an end-to-end solution for eRFX. Rather than digging through endless email chains, you can run single and multi-round events with unprecedented ease. And you can work collaboratively; your screen will update in real time as coworkers make changes. And collaboration doesn’t stop there.... In Vendorful, you can chat and even video conference with colleagues across the globe.

Working together, you can build and organize your RFP questionnaires and pricing table with point-and-click ease, And Vendorful will do all the work of aggregating vendor submissions to provide a side-by-side comparison for evaluation.

From there, you can evaluate scores, advance vendors to subsequent rounds, and award business to the top bidders.


Drive savings with reverse auctions

For certain goods and services, Reverse Auctions can dramatically shorten negotiation cycles times and have proven to reduce costs by 5-20%.

Vendorful provides a point-and-click interface for creating a reverse auction, setting lots, and line items. Invite your vendors to bid and watch as they compete against each other in real time to win your business. You can now save time and money while providing transparency.


Ramp Up Engagement

If your needs extend beyond sourcing, Vendorful has you covered. Inside the same interface, you can onboard your suppliers, manage their data, store their contracts, evaluate their performance against KPIs, and much more.

Qurate Retail Group Brands

The flexibility, customer focus, and speed is unlike anything we’ve seen with other third-party service. Vendorful truly listens to feedback from the customer and implements suggested enhancements in near real time. They have quickly become trusted business partners of me and my team at Qurate Retail Group.

Jeff Nord, VP Procurement


Point-and-click magic

Did you know that more than 50% of e-procurement users cite overly complex user interfaces as their number one frustration? That's why Vendorful was built to feel like consumer software. There are no steep learning curves and a one-week vacation will not mean that you forget how to use it!