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Negotiate at high speed

Vendorful's Reverse Auction tendering module typically saves buyers 5%-20% in under an hour. By leveraging reverse auctions, you can:

Save Time

Save Time

Shorten negotiations from weeks and months to an hour or less.

Save Money

Save Money

Have your vendors bid against each other to earn your business.



Work with colleagues to set up lots, line items, and auction rules.

Increase Transparency

Increase Transparency

Maximize the integrity of your process by allowing the vendors to compete in a free market.

Reverse Auction Setup

Feature Highlights

A look at some of the key features of Vendorful's Reverse Auction module.


Point-and-Click Simplicity

Once your account is created, you are mere mouse clicks away from launching an auction.

Save Time

Save Time

Shorten negotiation cycles, usually to an hour or less.

Starred Folder

Lots and Line Items

Run single and multi-lot auctions with one or more line items per lot.

Currency Support

Get the prices in the currency you want.

Watch Prices Fall

See bids as they come and and track savings as they happen.


Real-Time Network Monitoring

Report on network performance and automatically account for clock drift and time zones.

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