Scalability, meet simplicity

Supplier Relationship Management has never been easier.

Spreadsheets are not scalable and ERPs can be far too complex and onerous for everyday use. Vendorful helps organizations manage their suppliers and vendors quickly and easily. 

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Easy onboarding and data refresh

Put an end to long email chains and complex onboarding processes. Now you can simply invite your vendors to Vendorful and have them onboard directly. Want to sync that data to your ERP or other system?

No problem; Vendorful’s APIs are designed to help you get more value out of your existing software investment. And when data goes stale? We take care of notifying the appropriate party that it’s time for an update. 


Supplier scorecards and more

Vendorful automates and simplifies the vendor scorecarding process. With Vendorful, you can create surveys and then automate distribution, collection, and aggregation of data.

Have key performance data in other systems? No problem. Both APIs and importing tools allow you to pull quantitative data, e.g. delivery time, defect rate, etc., from 3rd-party systems and measure them against contracted KPIs. From there, you are mere clicks away from visualizing performance against internal benchmarks and compare vendors to each other.


Ramp Up Engagement

With a unified interface, Vendorful allows you to do more than just see your data, but to act on it. It’s never been easier to engage your suppliers. You can invite them to RFX and Reverse Auctions; track how much your spending and with which vendors; store contracts and get renewal/expiration reminders; and much more.

Qurate Retail Group Brands

The flexibility, customer focus, and speed is unlike anything we’ve seen with other third-party service. Vendorful truly listens to feedback from the customer and implements suggested enhancements in near real time. They have quickly become trusted business partners of me and my team at Qurate Retail Group.

Jeff Nord, VP Procurement


Point-and-click magic

Did you know that more than 50% of e-procurement users cite overly complex user interfaces as their number one frustration? That's why Vendorful was built to feel like consumer software. There are no steep learning curves and a one-week vacation will not mean that you forget how to use it!