March 2019 Product Updates

March 2019 Product Update

Spring technically began on March 21, 2019, but we began our spring cleaning earlier in the month. In fact, this month we spent more time than usual cleaning up code, re-factoring, and updating third-party libraries. The good news? A more stable, reliable, maintainable Vendorful. The bad news? A less exciting product update.

Enhanced RFP Importing

For those of you have have used Vendorful’s Strategic Sourcing module, you know that we want to simplify re-use of content that you’ve already created. For that reason, we’ve endeavored to make it easy to get RFP questionnaires that you’ve developed offline into Vendorful. In March, we upgraded our importer so that you can construct your entire RFP questionnaire as a spreadsheet and upload it in one shot.

Spreadsheet Questionnaire Tempalte

New Attribute Type: Document

In our Vendor Management module, we’ve long supported a pretty broad array of data types: dropdowns, text boxes (long and short), number, dates, and more. We’ve now added a new attribute type: document. Now you — or your vendors– can upload W-9s, Certificates of Insurance, and more. 

Mailbox Magic

We’ve surfaced a bit more data in the Vendorful mailbox. For example, we know share more information about when a message was sent.

Mailbox with more info

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