May 2018 Product Updates

May 2018 Product Update

“When it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May.” Well, even in warm weather, we like to write code. Here are some of the feature highlights from May.

RFX Scoring Abstention

If you’ve ever been asked to score an RFP response and feel ill equipped to evaluate the answers to particular questions, you’re not alone. We’ve made it easier to opt out by adding an “Abstain” button to each question-answer set in the scoring experience. What’s more (though not pictured below) is that you can skip the in-app scoring process altogether. While we expect that, in most cases, users will prefer to leverage Vendorful’s point-and-click interface to do their scoring, this is no longer a requirement.

Abstain from Scoring

Sorting and Filtering Support for Tables

There are lots of places in the Vendorful app where tables are used, e.g. Contracts Administration  eSourcing. As these tables are populated by every-increasing amounts of data, it’s critically important that we help our users find the specific information they want. To that end, we’ve added sorting and filtering to tables across the application.

Table with Sorting and Filtering

More Spend Capture

At the conclusion of a sourcing event, you now have the ability to enter the contracted value of your agreement. We call this “Final Spend.” By capturing this information, you’ll be able to calculate savings per event as well as across sourcing events.

Final Spend Data

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