November 2018 Product Updates

November 2018 Product Update

In addition to adding regularly adding new features, the Vendorful development often revisits existing features, thinking about ways that can improved or enhanced. Let’s explore some of the enhancements we made in November.

Reverse Auction Improvements

For a company that is legally named Boring But Great, Reverse Auctions provide a healthy dose of excitement. Even thought we don’t have “skin in the game” per se, there is something thrilling about watching a market-driven negotiation unfold in real time. As adoption of this module picks up, we’re continuing to improve it. Some of the key changes last month include

  • Adding more and better handling of network latency which can impact bids.
  • Cleaner formatting of data.
  • Some internal analytics.

That’s all well and good, but what about something you can see? We’ve got you covered as we’re pleased to announce support for multi-lot reverse auctions.

Reverse Auction Lot Configuration

Improved Question Editor for RFX

The “questionnaire” is the linchpin of a strategic sourcing event. In addition to making improvements to how groups of questions are handled, we’ve simplified the process of editing (and configuring) individual questions. You can select question type, weight, and even add rich media into the question itself.

RFP Question Editor

Calendar Sync

You asked and we answered. You can now sync key dates in Vendorful, e.g. RFP deadlines, with your calendar of choice. Just click on the event you want to synchronize and select your calendar.

Sync Key Dates with your Calendar

More Permissions in an Improved Layout

As we add functionality, we need to remain extra vigilant about maintaining the ease of use our users tell us they love. Bearing this mind, we’ve changed the way we lay out permissions so they are more logically grouped.

User Permissions

In addition to the items mentioned above, we were hard at work with other improvements. We’ve continued to iterate on the Scorecarding user interface, making it easier to use and more scalable. Speaking of scaling, we now auto-scale images that are inserted into our text editor so even huge pictures lay out nicely.

Onward and upward!

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