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November 2020 Product Updates

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At Vendorful, we are very focused on user productivity and efficiency. Some of the features in our product, e.g. automated data collation in an RFX, result in massive time savings immediately; days of time can be recovered.

But we also like delivering big change through a series of small steps. Any opportunity we have to remove what would otherwise require someone to spend 30 seconds on "busy work," we'll happily take. Just four of these enhancements saves two minutes. If just three users reaped the benefits just once per work day, they would save an additional three person-days per year. That's four-figure savings from a few small optimizations.

This update will focus on three of these kinds of enhancements.

Mail Exported Files from Vendorful

It's fairly typical for an organization that uses Vendorful to have one or two orders of magnitude more user accounts than they do daily active users. These additional accounts are generally people who use the application infrequently. They might log in to evaluate RFP submissions, to complete a supplier survey, or look up some specific supplier information.

Beyond that, there are typically employees who never log into Vendorful and many not even have user accounts. There might be useful information in the system, but for whatever reason, they don't log in.

Over time, we've added a litany of exporting capabilities into the application. Among other things, this allows users who are active to log in, download some data, and then send it off via email.

One of our customers indicated that this feature was being used every day. While the export capabilities were valuable, the process to get the data to the ultimate recipient meant downloading the data to file, composing an email, adding the file to an attachment, and then sending the email. We looked at this and identified 30 seconds of savings.

Now, exported data can be emailed automatically from Vendorful. Simply click the button, add the recipient's email address, and choose the format of the data.

Share Exported Data Via Email

In-App Video Conferencing

For good or for ill, much of the world spends a good portion of its day on video conference calls. Zoom's stock has gone through the roof and the market remains fragmented and full of options. However, each of those options requires that a video conference be set up and participants be invited. It's not hard, but it's a multi-step process that usually takes a minute.

Vendorful has always been a collaborative application. An executive at a competing company once exclaimed, "You've built Google Docs for procurement!" Native video conferencing is a natural extension for the product as it builds on top of chat and the real-time foundation of the product.

Now you can stay in context and start a video conference with the click of a button.

Vendorful Native Video Conferencing

In addition to the visual changes, Vendorful now sends notifications when entering any of the expiration stages to proactively remind the recipient.

KPI Reports on Scorecard Results

The past few months have seen significant improvements in our survey and scorecard module. We haven't blogged about it much because many of the changes were "under the hood," designed to improve flexibility and performance. In November, we added the ability to associate KPI thresholds with scorecard results. Now, instead of referring back to a contract to see if a supplier is meeting agreed-upon performance thresholds, you can see this on the bottom of the scorecard.

Scorecard with KPI Achievement

Want to check out these new features in action? Sign up for a Vendorful demo.

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