October 2018 Product Updates

October 2018 Product Update

From the colors of the leaves outside in many parts of the world to the code base here at Vendorful, change was in the air in October. Since we try to keep these product update entries reasonably sized, it was actually a bit of work to figure out which features and enhancements should make the cut. This time, we decided to give a little bit of attention to some of the nooks and crannies that haven’t received much exposure here. So if you’ll indulge us, let’s get into the weeds a bit.

Taxonomies and Category Management

Early in Vendorful’s product journey, categories were a global attribute, i.e., all of the organizations in the system would have the same category list. It was two levels deep and users could add to it, but any re-organizing or deleting would be managed by Vendorful staff. This wasn’t a bad approach in our early days when our sole focus was IT RFPs, but as the product has expanded beyond IT and organizations have decided to source all sorts of things, it no longer made sense.

Enter our new category management system. Key features include

  • Each organization can manage its own categories and even have multiple category lists at the same time.
  • We have an n-level-depth hierarchy. In English? You can have a parent category, which has a child, which has a child, which has a child, etc. Go as deep as you’d like. For example, rather than having IT–>CRM. You can have IT–>Software–>Cloud–>CRM and IT–>Software–>On-Premises–>CRM.
  • Point and click access to using the categories as well as editing them.

List of Available TaxonomiesCategory List

Spend Import

At Vendorful, we have a big appetite and love to consume APIs. However, not all software offers a public API. Now, if you want to associate spend data with your vendors, you can export an Excel or CSV file from your accounting system and upload it into Vendorful.

Import Spend Data from Excel

Better RFX Templates

We overhauled our templates so they’re more robust AND easier to use. Key features include

  • Building and editing templates outside a strategic sourcing event.
  • Simplified, drag-and-drop re-arranging and re-ordering.
  • The ability to use multiple templates in a sourcing event.

RFX Template Builder and Editor

More Permissions in an Improved Layout

As we add functionality, we need to remain extra vigiliant about maintaining the ease of use our users tell us they love. Bearing this mind, we’ve changed the way we lay out permissions so they are more logically grouped.

User Permissions

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