October 2019 Product Update

October 2019 Product Update

We’ve finally shaken off the Halloween sugar shock and are able to share our October 2019 product update with you. This month, we spent a lot of time enhancing and refreshing existing components of the Vendorful application. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, we continued working on some new modules that will be released in the coming months. A cliffhanger? Perhaps. But we won’t keep you in suspense for very long. And feel free to drop us a note if you want us to share the news when they’re released.

More Improvements to the Advanced Pricing Table

Pricing tables are a broadly-used part of Strategic Sourcing events. While the advanced pricing table usually leverages Excel or other offline spreadsheet, we want to give users who would prefer to work in the browser an opportunity to do so. This entailed a few enhancements.

First, we eliminated the spreadsheet import requirement. You can now create an advanced pricing table right inside the Vendorful app.

Create an Advanced Pricing Table in the browserCreate an Advanced Pricing Table in the browser

Second, we added the ability for vendors to do the same.

Online pricing table completion by vendors

And finally, we added a quick high-low price identification feature.

Indentify high and low prices in the pricing table

New Form Builder

Our new form builder further simplifies the process of creating forms like the surveys that underpin Supplier Scorecards. Users can select what data they want to capture as well as the layout of the form. We’ve added support for column-based layouts made it even easier to get elements to line up. And don’t worry, it’s still got that same drag-and-drop magic.

New Form Builder

React.js Upgrade

Our application’s user interface is built on a web framework called React.js. It is open source and has extremely wide adoption. For the most part, it saves us lots of time, but in software development — as in life — there are tradeoffs. We alluded to this in our September update; the aforementioned form builder required the latest version of React to work. This meant updating every single page of our web application!

This was a bit of a slog. However, having completed this process, we’re already reaping the benefits!

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