October 2017 Product Update

Introducing Vendorful product updates released in October 2017:

Refreshed Navigation Menu Layout

Small but big! The refreshed layout focuses on helping users find the information they need more intuitively so they can access the features they need faster.

Navigation Bar

Add Stakeholders to a Strategic Sourcing Event at Any Time

Allow buyers on your procurement team to add stakeholders to a purchasing project at any time, not just during setup. This update lets purchasers make adjustments on the fly as the project evolves and also makes it simple to correct inadvertent omissions.

Add Stakeholders

Pricing Table Enhancements

We launched pricing tables in September and have since made some in-demand enhancements to layout, design, and functionality. These updates allow users to view information more clearly.

Check out the details:

  • Import/Export — Make use of existing product lists in Excel and easily reuse within the Vendorful application.

Create a Pricing Table

  • Show/Hide Columns — See the data you need to see in pricing table views by showing or hiding columns.
  • Side-by-Side Vendor Comparison — Select vendors and view them side-by-side to compare.
  • Pricing at a Glance — Highlight the cheapest and most expensive vendors by individual line item to see which vendors are most and least competitive on price.

Pricing Table Results

Custom Branding

It’s okay to be vain! In our most recent update, we launched the ability for organizations to customize the Vendorful app with their logo and branding, making it look and feel like an internal tool.  

To check out any of these features yourself, sign up for a Vendorful demo.

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