Corporate purchasing is broken. We’re fixing it.

While technology has optimized nearly every facet of business, the corporate purchasing process has remained largely unchanged and typically frustrating for both buyers and vendors. Organizations invest thousands and even millions of dollars per year in products and services that do not align with their business requirements and goals. The cornerstone of most sourcing processes is the RFP. Unfortunately, the most common way RFPs are managed is via ever-growing email threads with Excel and Word documents attached to them.


Are you spending hours organizing all the vendor responses for distribution to stakeholders?

Does your team understand your purchasing requirements?

Are you digging through emails and Excel documents to compare vendor responses?

Are all stakeholders  able to access all the information?

Learn To Source Better


Are you spending hours searching for previous responses?

Do you copy and paste from previous
response documents?

Are you dividing up tasks and responses via a string of endless emails?

Is it challenging to leverage internal subject matter experts?

Explore A Better RFP

Increased Stakeholder Collaboration

Boosting team member engagement in the RFP management process improves the evaluation process and ultimately drives better ROI and purchasing outcomes.

Consolidation of Information

Managing the cascade of information from your RFP management process in a single location ensures everyone involved in the process has access to the data and documents they need.

Time and Cost Savings

Reducing the time stakeholders need to invest in the RFP management process saves organizations money.

Vendorful saves time and improves purchasing outcomes for both buyers and vendors.
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