September 2019 Product Updates

September 2019 Product Update

We’re pleased to report that many members of the Vendorful team traveled in August. Some of that was pure vacation time and some of it was simply working in a more exotic locale. Despite our not operating at full strength for the better part of the month, we’re excited to announce a bunch of features and enhancements.

More Granular Permissions for RFX

When we consider Vendorful as a product — not a company — we are constantly balancing simplicity and power. Usually, there’s a trade-off. However, when it came to this feature, we were excited that we could provide more value to power users while simplifying things for more conventional users. We revisited how we provide permissions for stakeholders during strategic sourcing events and the result is something that is more intuitive and granular. Rather than lumping permissions together, we simply provide a list that correspond to specific steps (or pages) in specific stages of the process, i.e., drafting, submitting/evaluating, awarding/declining.

Granulare Permissions for Strategic Sourcing

Lest you think that’s all of the changes we made to the Strategic Sourcing module, however, we’re delighted to bring you more.

New Question Type: Table

Usually, text-based or multiple choice-based questions are enough to collect the information you want. But sometimes when you want to collect it in the format you want, a table makes all the difference. Vendorful has supported pricing tables for years, but now buyers can create tables for any type of question and configure the columns and rows however they see fit.

Tables for Questions

Expand/Collapse Questions in Builder

Buyers love to use Vendorful’s questionnaire builder for their strategic sourcing events. And who can blame them? There are loads of import options, the ability to create and edit sections and questions right in the app, and collaboration options up the wazoo. In fact, if two people are working on the same questionnaire at the same time, their screens will automatically update in real time as their colleague makes changes. We have one customer that generates very large RFPs though. Not only were we sympathetic, we gave them a way out. The questionnaire can now be expanded or collapsed with the click of a button.

Expand and Collapse the Questionnaire

Instructions Section

When building an RFX using the Strategic Sourcing module, buyers would use the Summary section or add an attachment to include instructions. But instructions always felt like it should have its own home in the UI. Now it does.

RFX Instructions for Vendors

Attachments on Vendor Notes

If you’re working in a VMO (Vendor Management Office) and think that we’ve forgotten you, think again! Users of the Vendor Management module can now add attachments alongside their notes.

Attachments on Vendor Management Notes

Vendorful + Kubernetes

Vendorful now runs on Kubernetes. What does this mean for our users? Better performance, reliability, and resiliency for our SaaS application.

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