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Strategic Sourcing

Vendorful helps organizations manage their supply bases with unprecedented ease.

Jeff Nord- QVC

Jeff Nord

VP Procurement

Qurate Retail Group

The flexibility, customer focus, and speed is unlike anything we’ve seen with other third-party service. Vendorful truly listens to feedback from the customer and implements suggested enhancements in near real time. They have quickly become trusted business partners of me and my team at Qurate Retail Group.

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Vendorful Modules


Stuck using an eProcurement solution that requires a PhD? Or worse yet, relying on Word, Excel, and email to run your sourcing events? Simplify your strategic sourcing efforts using Vendorful to automate much of your RFP, RFI, and RFQ. Learn more about Vendorful’s Strategic Sourcing module.

Reverse Auctions

Drive savings while delivering transparency to your suppliers through reverse auctions. In minutes, you can set up and configure your auction and watch in real time as the supplier bids come in. Learn more about Vendorful’s Reverse Auction module.

Contracts Administration

Contract Lifecycle Management is a breeze. Set up automated tasks and reminders, track payment terms, financial commitments, and even custom metadata. When your contracts are ready to execute, take advantage of turnkey eSignature integration. Learn more about Vendorful’s Contracts Administration module.

Vendor Management

Bring smiles to the faces of your risk management and compliance colleagues. Customize the data that you want to capture from vendors, capture spend data, and automatically manage refresh of expiring information. Learn more about Vendorful’s Vendor Management module.


Monitor vendor performance on an ongoing basis. Quickly build performance questionnaires and automatically send them to key stakeholders on a schedule. See current scores, observe trends, and even dive into specific stakeholder evaluations. Learn more about our Vendor Management Scorecard module.

Sourcing Pipeline

Identify savings opportunities, track your progress, and measure your effectiveness. Leading strategic sourcing groups use a sourcing pipeline to schedule their sourcing projects, involved key stakeholders, and compile the resources to support these projects. Learn more about Vendorful’s Sourcing Pipeline module.


Easy to set up and use

What good is a product if it’s so complex that no one uses it? We’ve heard the complaints about enterprise systems that seem to require a Ph.D. to use. So we addressed that: Vendorful can be set up in seconds and users can be effective in minutes.

Fanatical about our users

Tell us where it hurts! We’re here to make you feel (and work) better. Vendorful’s “customer-first” culture goes beyond support to "customer-driven development." That’s right; our customers are the inspiration for the features that we build.

Scales up and down

A modular SaaS solution with an open API, Vendorful drives value every day for large enterprises as well as smaller organizations, from the Fortune 500 to regional not-for-profits. We literally haven’t encountered an organization too small — or too big — to benefit from Vendorful.

Are you using the right tools for the job?

Sure, you can hammer a nail with a screwdriver, but do it too often and you risk compromising the structural integrity of whatever you’re building. Organizations that use Vendorful reduce risk while improving savings and maximizing the strategic value of their suppliers.