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This solution is designed for category managers and strategic sourcing teams. Are you tired of running sourcing events over email? Are you one of the 73% of enterprise e-procurement software users who feel that the solution you're using does not increase your productivity? We're here to help! Vendorful's Sourcing Solution offers everything you need to plan and run sourcing events, reduce costs, and track savings. Our modern approach to software development combines enterprise power with consumer usability.

Simplify buying complexity

Challenge: Many stakeholders with many needs, but very little time.

Too often, departments frantically reach out to procurement to source a new product or service that they need yesterday. Unfortunately, most organizations don't have a DeLorean tricked out with a flux capacitor making time travel an impossibility.

In fact, most procurement professionals don't even have time to think about movie magic and are instead left to struggle with clunky enterprise software or some disconnected combination of spreadsheets, documents, and email. And despite the urgency, their time — through no fault of their own — disappears into a black hole.

RFP Timer

Solution: Bye, bye busywork. Hello collaboration and automation.

Point-and-click workflows and automated processes reduce both tactical workload and turnaround time, enabling sourcing professionals to work faster, smarter, and more strategically. 

Vendorful also makes it easy to include stakeholders in your sourcing projects, whether it's building a set of requirements, drafting RFX content or evaluating bids. With integrated chat, video conferencing, and real-time document collaboration, you can work together even when you're geographically.

The result? Faster cycles times, reduced busy work, increased savings, and happy stakeholders.

RFP Finish Line

Modules Included in Sourcing



Run sourcing events like RFPs, RFIs, RFQs quickly and easily. Reduce "busy work" as Vendorful automates data collection and compilation.

Reverse Auctions

Reverse Auctions

Set up and run reverse auctions to create a live, real-time, transparent negotiation with your suppliers. Drive savings while saving time.

Sourcing Pipeline

Sourcing Pipeline

Identify and plan sourcing and savings opportunities and then track your results. With a click, understand where your savings are coming from.

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Key Platform Features


Stay in sync with chat, video-conferencing, and real-time page updates.

Immediate Time to Value

Get your account set up in seconds and you're minutes away from unparalleled productivity.


Free yourself from copying-and-pasting with Vendorful's automation capabilities.

Instant Vendor Onboarding

Maximize vendor engagement with instant onboarding for RFX and reverse auctions.

Easy Custom Configuration

Your categories, your metadata, your everything — just faster and easier.


Be confident that your data is secure with encryption in transit and at rest.

Ready to Step up Your Sourcing?

If you're interested in seeing how Vendorful can transform your sourcing activities, reducing your costs and freeing up time for strategic initiatives, we'd love to talk.