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Configuring Vendor Attributes

Managing All of Your Vendors

Viewing a Vendor Record

Tracking Vendor Performance

Building a Sourcing Event (RFP)

Sourcing Pipeline and Savings Tracker

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The Vendor Record

Supplier Relationship Management can be a monumental task when data is spread across siloed systems. Learn how Vendorful provides all your key vendor data via a "single pane of glass."

Supplier Performance and Scorecards

It's a fabled business axiom: "What gets measured, gets managed." Among procurement, supply chain, and vendor management teams, it can be challenging to understand how suppliers are performing. See how Vendorful simplifies scorecards.

Drafting an RFP

When deployed correctly, sourcing events can be a critical driver of business value. But historically, they have been cumbersome to draft, issue, and evaluate. See how Vendorful streamlines the entire RFX process.

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