Scout RFP

Scout RFP, soon to be part of Workday, is probably the most prominent software startup in strategic sourcing and a definite leader in the space. In terms of features, Vendorful has a lot in common with Scout RFP. Scout clearly views the world similarly when it comes to the tools that modern organizations need to not just select vendors but manage vendors, and also to provide visibility into future, present and past sourcing opportunities.

In our view, there are three main differences between our offerings. One is usability: we pride ourselves on being the simplest tool available on the market today. Another is roadmap influence. Since we use a "customer-driven development" approach, each of our customers can directly influence the technical direction of our product. The last, to be totally blunt, is price. Since Vendorful has a more cost-efficient operating model, we are able to offer the same features for at a lower cost.


Scout RFP

Strategic Sourcing/RFX issuance automation

RFX response automation

Reverse Auctions

Strategic Sourcing Pipeline


Due Diligence/Compliance Questionnaires

Vendor/Supplier discovery

Vendor/Supplier Information Management

Vendor/Supplier Performance Management (Scorecarding)


Spend Capture and Analysis

Contract Lifecycle Management

Strategic Sourcing Checklist

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