Why did we start Vendorful? Because Procurement people need some love too!

If you work in procurement, then you likely spend a good chunk of your day across the proverbial table from a salesperson. That salesperson is most certainly equipped with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. The CRM enables salespeople to keep track of all of their interactions with you, to add notes, reminders, and to generate actionable data about sales activity and pipelines. And while Salesforce is the largest player in that space, there are literally hundreds of CRM providers in the market, with prices ranging from free to millions of dollars per year.

But what tools do you have at your disposal? If you're like most procurement people, you probably find yourself relying on MS Word, Excel, and email to tackle most of your tasks. And if your IT department lets you set up some shared folders, then you're ahead of the game. But what if you're one of the fortunate ones? Lets say that you work for a large company with deep pockets that understands that it's procurement — and not sales — that drives profits. So an investment is made in a multi-million dollar eProcurement suite that requires a year to deploy, months to learn, and a Ph.D. to master. It's so complex and so unfriendly to stakeholders that your company sets up some crazy high bid waiver threshold or that you simply do the expedient thing...you go back to Excel.

Procurement is complex

Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Management involves lots of data in different formats from different sources.

Market, meet gap.

Your job is hard! At Vendorful, we wants to make your life (more than) a bit easier while simultaneously helping you crush your performance review. So we've built a point-and-click suite of tools to increase your productivity and reduce your "busy work." Tools like the ones Vendorful offers were historically only available in more traditional enterprise software offered by companies like SAP Ariba, Coupa, and Jaegger. But we're determined to deliver our product at a much more competitive price point.

Things you should know: Excel Aficionado

  • Vendorful is affordable, a fraction of the price of traditional enterprise solutions.
  • We play nicely with Excel, Word, and other data sources.
  • Usability, usability, usability! You can learn Vendorful in minutes and master it in hours.

Consolidating Data

Things you should know: Enterprise Ace

  • Our team speaks fluent API. Vendorful is the perfect (integrated) complement to your existing enterprise eProcurement suite.
  • Vendorful deploys instantly and time to value is measure in hours and minutes not quarters and months.
  • You're not going to be the first. Vendorful works with an array of large enterprises and public companies. Ask us for a reference check.