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 Vendorful vs. RFP360

RFP360 was one of the earliest cloud-based RFX platforms and today offers RFX tools for buyers and for sellers, as well as opportunities for discovery. Their founders were pioneers in the new breed of RFX solutions and we have enormous respect for their contribution to the wave of strategic sourcing innovation we’ve seen in recent years.

Our main shared trait with RFP360 is a belief that sourcing events should be easier for both sides. This is exactly why we offer advanced collaboration, content management and user management tools to vendors responding to RFX. The main difference is that the entire RFP360 product is just a single Vendorful module. Indeed, we feel that strategic sourcing events are just one small part of the interaction between buyers and sellers, which is why we offer far more than just an RFX solution.



Strategic Sourcing/RFX issuance automation

RFX response automation

Reverse Auctions

Strategic Sourcing Pipeline


Due Diligence/Compliance Questionnaires

Vendor/Supplier discovery

Vendor/Supplier Information Management

Vendor/Supplier Performance Management (Scorecarding)


Spend Capture and Analysis

Contract Lifecycle Management

Strategic Sourcing Checklist

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