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Vendorful Values and Culture

We love waking up every day and working on great products for our customers!  And we are so fortunate to have customers who are similarly enthusiastic about our product. The process of developing software is not easy. It's a constant balancing act: Do we add new features or focus on stability? Do we expand the scope of our product or double down on the existing functionality? At Vendorful, we have adopted a set of values and created a culture that guides our thinking about these — and other — questions.

Customer centrism

The customer is the focus just about everything we do in relation to our product. When anyone who works at Vendorful has to make a decision, the first thought should be, "What would the customer want?" The long-term success of our business is directly tied to customer happiness. And the happiest customers feel like they are high priority. The best way to make them feel that way? Simple. Make them a priority.

  • We believe in customer-driven development.
  • Everyone is part of the customer success team, from the top executives to the newest employees.
  • We proactively check in with customers to make sure that they are satisfied...and just to see how they're doing.
  • Customer wants and needs determine our product's true north.

Continuous improvement

We aim to improve every single day. The Japanese call this process kaizen. To build a great product and a great company, we understand that we need to be unceasingly aspirational. We must not mistake our smiles for complacency. Instead, we have to relentlessly reinforce and built atop the foundation that we have so meticulously laid.

  • We believe in constant iteration and regularly revisiting and questioning the meaning of "done."
  • Big challenges are deconstructed into smaller and smaller sub-challenges to allow for iteration.
  • We are mindful of the "sunk cost fallacy" and are therefore unsentimental about throwing away things that we built that no longer provide the value they once did.
  • We know that what was great yesterday is only good enough today and likely will be inadequate tomorrow.

Time is a precious commodity

Until someone figures out how to add hours to a day or eliminate the need for sleep, time will remain fleeting. As a consequence, its importance cannot be understated. We are devoted to making the best use of our time and improving the allocation of our customers' time.

  • Complexity is the enemy of efficiency and therefore the enemy of time. We strive for simplicity in all things: our product, our messaging, and even our commercial approach.
  • Where possible, we will leverage automation to reduce the expenditure of unnecessary time for our customers and for ourselves.
  • Our employee work hours are totally flexible with one exception: if a customer needs to meet at a particular time, we'll be there.
  • We don't track vacation days and encourage our colleagues to unplug and relax.

Be nice and have fun

If you want to hear the story about how we procured the domain name, Vendorful, you'll have to contact us to ask. 🙂 But the fact that we initially incorporated as Boring But Great, Inc. (before The Boring Company was so much as a glimmer in Elon Musk's eye) should tell you a story all its own. While we take our work very seriously, we don't take ourselves too seriously.

  • If you want to work at Vendorful, you have to be nice. We don't have time (see above) for mean people.
  • We treat our customers with the utmost respect. And if they have a sense of humor, we're happy to indulge!
  • Our colleagues have time freedom and loads of professional autonomy to design their work day for maximum personal and professional success.