Supplier Scorecards and Performance

There is a saying that "what gets measured, gets managed." Thanks to Vendorful, measuring supplier performance got a whole lot easier. Not evaluating supplier performance? There has never been a time to start.

Build Custom Surveys

Supplier Scorecard Setup

With Vendorful, you can easily create different surveys that map to different kinds of providers. There's no need to establish uniform scorecard criteria for all vendors.

Your key evaluation criteria

  • Point-and-click survey builder
  • Propagate changes and updates
  • Weighting by section and question
  • Custom failure thresholds with notifications  by section and in aggregation

Save Time with Automation

Supplier Performance Management Scorecard Configuration

Once you configure your vendor management and strategic supplier performance scorecard, it just works. Kick back and relax while Vendorful does its magic.

Configure in minutes (or less)

  • Associate the survey(s) with the vendors(s)
  • Set a cadence that makes sense — monthly, quarterly, annually 
  • Assign stakeholders
  • Let Vendorful aggregate and display the results

Enjoy Actionable Data

Supplier Scorecard Setup

No need to make decisions in the dark. Use the data you gather to build a holistic understanding of the performance of each vendor.

Dig into the details

  • Rolled-up, real-time scores
  • See performance trends over time
  • Drill down into individual stakeholder analyses
  • Share anonymized, aggregated data with your suppliers

Can you afford to put off supplier scorecards?

Roughly half of organizations have no formal supplier evaluation program. And those that do, typically limit their analyses to a handful of suppliers. A scorecard program can, and should, be an instrumental part of effective supplier relationship management.

Features at a Glance

Multiple surveys for different categories
A broad array of options for data you want to collect
Keep track of in-flight and completed surveys

Associate surveys with vendors
Stakeholder assignment to relevant surveys/section
Automate survey sending and data collection

Seamlessly integrates with vendor management
Access to individual stakeholder evaluations
Aggregate data and generate a historical record of vendor performance

Once I have the performance data, what should I do?
Share it with your vendors! The Aberdeen Group showed that organizations that implemented performance Supplier Performance Management programs increased their supplier performance by 26.6%. That's excellent. However, those that shared the data with their suppliers saw a boost of over 60%! That's better than excellent.