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All Your Contracts in One Place

When contracts moved from physical to digital, storing them went from file cabinets to shared electronic folders and email inboxes. Vendorful's contract repository, which is part of its supplier relationship management software suite, makes finding your agreements quick and easy.

Easy Access to Contracts

All together now

  • All your contracts in a single repository
  • Search, sort, and filter to find what you need
  • Parent-child hierarchies for MSAs, SOWs, and more
  • Connects directly into the supplier record
Contract Listing Page

To win the war on contract leakage, you need to move your contracts out of email accounts, shared virtual folders, and filing cabinets.

Automated Reminders

No more silent auto-renewals

  • Set up notifications for key personnel
  • Configure reminders with advance notice
  • Manage start and end dates with ease
  • Associate multiple people with multiple tasks per contract
Contract Drilldown Page

In addition to organizing contracts, Vendorful supports reminders on contracts that terminate as well as those that auto-renew with tasks and email notifications.

Custom Metadata for Reporting

Get insights into your contracts

  • Configure and manage custom metadata
  • Search and sort on all metadata
  • Integrates with your category management setup
  • Build dynamic reports that use your custom fields

By integrating custom metadata into contract administration, Vendorful makes it easy to analyze your contracts by type, process, or whatever field you desire.

Get your contracts under control

Vendorful's contract repository software allows organizations to access their contracts in context. In addition to a contracts-first user interface, contracts are automatically tied back to the supplier record where category managers and the like can access compliance data, spend, and performance info.

Features at a Glance

Search, sort, and filter
In-browser preview and download
Manage multiple stakeholders
eSignature integration
Parent-child agreements

Surface key provisions
Keep track of payment terms
Supports both side of your business (buy/sell)
Configurable notifications and tasks
Integrates with category management

Custom metadata
Graphical report
Contract notes
Seamlessly ties into Supplier Relationship Management

Losing sleep due to contract expiration anxiety?
You're not alone! The Aberdeen Group found for for 42% of enterprises...the top drive for improvements in the management of contracts is the pressure to better assess and mitigate risks.