Inclusive Hiring Practices

The ongoing impact on Black Americans from America’s legacy of slavery, segregation and white supremacy is broad and deep, manifesting itself not only in disparities in violence at the hands of police and vigilantes, but in medical outcomes, education, employment opportunities, housing, and wealth.

Separately, we believe that the historical underrepresentation of Black Americans and women of all races and ethnicities in software companies is a weakness and a competitive disadvantage, and we do not want to replicate this pattern.

To address structural inequities and also achieve our goal of building a diverse workforce, Vendorful has implemented a set of hiring policies and best practices that the entire team is expected to follow.

  1. When interviewing to fill any open role that could be filled by a US person (even if we are also considering candidates outside of the US), the hiring manager must interview at least one Black American candidate. We will not send out an offer letter for any position unless this requirement has been met.
  2. Hiring managers are expected to post open jobs in at least one forum targeted at historically underrepresented groups in the relevant role in our industry. Where appropriate that means cross posting in multiple forums targeting different underrepresented groups.
  3. While it is of course vital to hire people who reflect the core values of our business, “cultural fit” as a vaguely defined set of hiring criteria has perpetuated inequities in the software industry for decades. Team members involved in any hiring process are expected to scrutinize the assertion of “poor fit” as a reason for rejection.