March 10

RFP Examples: 14 Great Sample RFP Templates

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When a new procurement project comes up on short notice, it's always a smart move to consult your library of RFP examples for guidance and inspiration. There is so much to learn from your peers running similar RFPs. Why reinvent the wheel?

In this post we'll highlight some of the best RFP examples from the most popular categories. The list of sample request for proposal templates is ever-growing, so check back often!

Looking for RFP response examples?

This post contains examples of RFPs for buying teams. Looking for help writing great RFP responses?

Example RFPs by Industry / Example RFPs by Category

Technology RFP Examples

  • Accounting Software RFP
  • Cloud Hosting RFP
  • Construction Management Software RFP
  • CRM Software RFP
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software RFP
  • Help Desk Software RFP
  • IT Managed Services RFP
  • Mobile App Development RFP
  • Software Development RFP
  • Website Design and Development RFP

Financial RFP Examples

  • Asset Management RFP
  • Endowment Manager RFP
  • Investment Management RFP

Construction RFP Examples

  • Engineering Services RFP

Technology RFP examples

Accounting Software RFP Example

This accounting software RFP example is notable because the State Education Resource Center (SERC) kept it short and sweet. The technical requirements are concise, the proposal requirements are clear, and the response mechanism is straightforward. In a world of over-engineered software RFPs, this is a good software RFP template and can provide inspiration for many other software categories.

Cloud Hosting RFP Example

Cloud Hosting Solutions RFPs are pretty common. A Cloud Hosting RFP worth up to a billion dollars is less common. But the US Federal Government - in this case the Department of the Interior - operates on a different scale from commercial enterprises. This RFP was large, high profile, and carefully crafted. There's a lot to learn from this sample request for proposal

Construction Management Software RFP Example

There is one thing in particular that I love about this construction management software RFP example from the City of Billings, MT: they tell the suppliers that their software should meet 90% of the specified requirements. So many software RFPs are a laundry list of features, blending "must have", "nice to have", and "we're just asking" without giving any indication to the vendor which is which. That is a recipe for driving away qualified vendors who assume they shouldn't bother responding to your software RFP because they "only" meet 50% of the requirements. This RFP example shows a better approach.

CRM Software RFP Example

The Office of the Treasurer of the State of Connecticut ran a CRM RFP for its Pension Funds Management Division. It is thorough. It's a good example of a software RFP putting out everything to the vendors ahead of time - no ambiguity about contract terms or any other issues for down the road.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System and Implementation Services RFP Example

An ERP system is extremely complex, and you expect an ERP software RFP to be detailed. This ERP software RFP example from The City of New Braunfels meets that expectation. But it goes above and beyond with a thorough description of the current state and comprehensive statistics on relevant metrics for the ERP RFP.

ERP RFP example

Help Desk Software RFP Example

In this help desk software RFP example, Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Inc. ("PEC") shows another good approach to distinguishing "must haves" from "nice to haves": have a separate "optional functionality" section inside the requirements. This is a good software RFP template to follow for situations where that applies.

IT Managed Services RFP Example

This IT managed services RFP from East Tennessee Human Resource Agency (ETHRA) takes a classic questionnaire approach to the solicitation. But that makes it a great example RFP to draw from, because it is a good representative of a whole class of RFP examples with similar structures.

Mobile App Development RFP Example

The Boston Public Health Commission ran an RFP for mobile app development. The first thing you'll notice is that the landing page for the RFP is very modern compared to the home pages for most public sector RFPs. And like it or not, vendor experience matters to the number and quality of RFP responses you get. We've got plenty to say about RFP response examples, too, if you're interested.

Software Development RFP Example

The State of Arkansas ran a custom software development RFP for a new electronic filing system. I always advocate "buy over build" when it comes to software, but sometimes the need is so niche that you just need to build it yourself. And government filings are a good example of that. This software development RFP example is thorough without being overwhelming. It's a good software development RFP template to start with if you really need custom software development.

Website Design and Development RFP Example

This website design and development RFP from Cowley College is a nice example of the unique blend of "technical" and "creative" that websites possess. It contains both a "Vision" section and a thorough set of technical requirements. This is a solid RFP example for this type of solicitation.

Financial RFP Examples

Asset Management RFP Example

This asset management RFP from Friends Provident Foundation, Joffe Trust and Blagrave Trust is one of the more notable RFP examples for a few reasons. First, it is a good example of a "mission driven" solicitation. Second, it is relatively modest in terms of total assets at GBP 32 million and it is sized accordingly. Finally, despite being inherently formal by virtue of being an RFP, it strives for informality and leaves a great deal of discretion to the respondents to customize their RFP responses. This is an RFP example that could be a useful model to certain types of buyers across many categories.

Endowment Manager RFP Example

The Pasadena City College endowment management RFP is a great example of an investment management consulting services RFP, with clear requirements, background information and minimum standards. They also took full advantage of their digital platform with a nicely laid out Q&A right on the front page.

Investment Management RFP Example

When you have substantial assets to manage, you should run a substantial investment management RFP. And Teachers’ Retirement System of the State of Illinois has substantial assets, at over 60 billion dollars. This investment management RFP example is a great thing to draw from for smaller scopes, because it is comprehensive, thorough, and detailed.

investment manager rfp example

Construction RFP examples

Engineering Services RFQ

This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Cameron County, TX, is complex. The project is an environmental report and preliminary engineering report for a USDA planning grant focused on mitigating flooding. The comprehensiveness of the document makes it a good reference for any public sector project involving multiple agencies and jurisdictions.

Learning from RFP examples to build your own RFPs

No matter what kind of project you're running, studying RFP examples within the same category and across verticals is a fantastic way to improve your own RFP. There are great lessons to learn on content, presentation and process from every RFP in this article.

To dive deeper on improving your own RFP processes and outcomes, check out our Essential Guide to the RFP Process.


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