December 5

Spend Matters SolutionMap Q4 2019 – Sourcing and SRM/Risk: Strong First Showing

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are on the map!

The latest Spend Matters SolutionMap has been released and we’re pleased to say that Vendorful achieved a higher Customer Score than any other competing solution, in not one but two categories. That’s right: our customers rank both our Strategic Sourcing solution and our Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Risk solution above all competing products, from established industry heavyweights like SAP Ariba, Coupa and Zycus, to more comparable solutions like Scout RFP and Bonfire.

As you can see from the charts in this post, Vendorful consistently ranks above peers on Customer Score. And, notably, we rank higher than Scout RFP — our closest peer in terms of features and functionality — on both Customer Score and Analyst Score. We’re extremely proud to have achieved that despite being much newer to the market than Scout RFP.

However, we are not satisfied! There is lots of room for improvement and we are determined to continue doing what we have done from the day we started: provide outstanding customer service, improve our product every day, and drive innovation in the procurement software space.

Below are a few highlights from the SolutionMap results.

Sourcing — “Nimble” persona

Per Spend Matters, the “Nimble” organization is looking for modern, intuitive cloud-based software that can be deployed quickly and is competitively priced.

Spend Matters Solution Map - Sourcing - Nimble Persona

We’re proud to rank well compared to Scout RFP in this category.

Sourcing — “Deep” persona

As Spend Matters defines it, the “Deep” organization is looking for “the most comprehensive, tailorable solution for the job”. They want best-in-class functionality, and the breadth and depth to support sophisticated requirements.

Spend Matters Solution Map - Sourcing - Deep Persona

Our closest peer on this chart is Bonfire, and we’re pleased that the Spend Matters analyst ranking places us level with them. It validates that we have been able to balance market-competitive breadth and depth of functionality with the ease of use and high level of service that makes us the best-loved sourcing solution among real customers.

SRM — “Nimble” persona

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is a newer area for us, and to be honest, we’re not exactly sure which competing products are most comparable to our solution! So we’re very pleased that the analyst ranked us comparably to more established SRM-focused solutions like Procurence, HICX and Allocation, while again having a higher customer score than any other SRM solution.

Spend Matters Solution Map - SRM and Supplier Risk- Nimble Persona

Again, SRM is a new area for us and we expect to deliver major leaps in functionality over the coming months, all while striving to keep our customers happier than any other customer group in the procurement space!


From the day Vendorful was founded, we knew that pleasing our customers would be our number one priority. The two phrases we like to use as internal guides are “maniacal focus on customer satisfaction” and “white glove service.” Another concept we emphasize here at Vendorful is Customer-Driven Development. Client business objectives and user experience are the foundation of all of our software development activities — we focus on building what our customers tell us they need rather than what we think they need. It’s all part of our customer-centric culture at Vendorful, and we are extremely happy to see that our approach has paid off with our customers scoring us higher than any other solution in the areas in which we compete.

To find out for yourself why our customers love us so much, schedule a demo today!