Vendor Management

All of your key supplier and vendor data at your fingertips.


Customizable Data Capture

Your organization, your rules
Drag-and-drop data configuration
​Set up your own vendor master data management team
Automatically manage data expiry and refresh

Vendorful allows organizations to customize what information they collect from vendors and suppliers to ensure compliance with existing requirements.

Key Vendor Attributes

Information Aggregation

Vendor Drilldown Page

All your supplier data in one place
Search and sort on any field
Seamlessly tie into other Vendorful modules
Integrate with your existing tools

By bringing all of your vendor and supplier information together, Vendorful simplifies the process of data management.

Simple Supplier Onboarding

Be productive in minutes
Bulk import of vendors and their data
Easy self-onboarding for new suppliers
Turnkey spend capture

Invite your vendors and suppliers to add and update their information, maximizing your time while minimizing incorrect data entry.

Simple Supplier Onboarding

Can I use Vendorful as my vendor master?
Absolutely, Vendorful is established as a vendor master by many of its users. If, however, you have an existing vendor master and prefer to use that, then you're welcome to do so. Our REST API makes it easy to sync vendor data from your existing system into Vendorful.

Features at a Glance

Fully customizable vendor attributes
List, search, and sort on any attribute
Group attributes into templates
Support for social media accounts
Integrated spend capture
Supplier/Vendor self-onboarding

Configurable data expiry and refresh
Vendor points of contact
Category management integration
Supports "Vendor Management" role
Data import/export
Integrated vendor management scorecard option

Seamlessly integrates with contracts administration
View and track sourcing event history
Add notes to the vendor record
Granular vendor record permissions

Ready to see the magic for yourself?