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Sourcing Pipeline

Identify specific categories to be sourced, wrangle the data to support the projects, and keep abreast of your progress.

Slay Your Sourcing Pipeline

Track Your Projects and Your Progress

See your org's entire sourcing pipeline
Plan future sourcing projects
Identify and track savings opportunities
Search and sort of projects, stakeholders, and other criteria

Track your sourcing opportunities and the results of your efforts.

Sourcing Pipeline List View

Add Items to Your Pipeline

Sourcing Pipeline Item

Come one, call all!
A single source of truth for the whole team
Engage stakeholders
Identify opportunities and set notifications

Vendorful allows individual members of the sourcing team to add and manage pipeline items while providing a holistic view to executives.

100% Configurable

A configuration all your own
Determine what data you want to capture
Track status, savings, and anything else
Tie together related documents

All organizations in Vendorful can set up their pipelines — and the data capture inside them — in accordance with their own rules and processes.

Pipeline Item Configuration

Why do I need a sourcing pipeline?
Planning to run some RFPs this year? How about a few reverse auctions? Phone calls to negotiate updated pricing? Using a sourcing pipeline, you can identify specific categories or contracts to be sourced/updated, a time frame for the activity, the key stakeholders to be involved, and the resources that you need support these projects.

Features at a Glance

Tight integration with category management 
Customizable configuration 
Support for multiple currencies 

Progress and status tracking 
Individual and executive views 
Configurable searching and sorting 

Multi-currency support 
Turnkey savings tracking 
Notifications and reminders 

Ready to see the magic for yourself?